El sentiment d'una afició, el teu fòrum d'opinió sobre el València CF

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Nice explanation in Sky

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Nice explanation in Sky

#1 Mensajepor Drakul » 21 Mar 2006 02:18

Valencia CF, Mestalla

    * Previous stars: Mario Kempes, Romario, Claudio Lòpez, Gaizka Mendieta
    * Current stars: Santiago Cañizares, Fabian Ayala, Pablo Aimar, Vicente, Patrick Kluivert
    * Coach: Quique Sanchez Flores

Did you know?:
Rafa Benítez was only in charge at Mestalla for 114 games, but that made him the club's third longest serving coach. The current Liverpool boss won the Spanish league title twice and the Uefa Cup during his short tenure. The bat on the club crest is symbol of the municipality and replaced the heraldic dragon in the 16th century on the Valencian flag. Valencia have enjoyed several golden periods in their history, but the last five years have certainly been the most eventful. Los Ché, meaning 'mates' in the local language, were relative late-comers to the Spanish football scene as they were not officially formed until 1919. Their first era of success came in the 1940's when they clinched the league title three times, but unfortunately, in the early-Franco years the Copa del Rey was seen as a more important tournament to win. Real Madrid legend, Alfredo di Stefano, led the team to championship glory in 1970-71 and this time it really mattered, but a challenge to the big two, Madrid and Barça, failed to materialise. The club had also won two European Fairs' Cups in the 1960's and picked up the European Cup Winners' Cup in 1980 when Graham Rix famously missed the crucial penalty in the shoot-out. Despite all these intermittent successes, Valencia's truly great times are far more recent. Héctor Cúper led them to two consecutive Champions League finals, but they failed to win either, before Rafa Benítez shot to prominence as he secured the club's first championship for 31 years in 2001-02 and then followed that up by clinching an impressive double of the title and the Uefa Cup in 2003-04. With few true greats playing at their prime for the club for the previous 50 years, Valencia's players were suddenly household names with Europe's richest clubs sniffing around with increasing regularity. The current trophy haul was built on a shrewd eye in the transfer market and a willingness to bring in youngsters from their youth ranks. Santiago Cañizares, Roberto Ayala, Carlos Marchena, Ruben Baraja, and Mista all being brought in to combine with home grown talents such as David Albelda, Miguel Angel Angulo and Vicente. The supporters are loyal and vociferous and make the imposing Mestalla a daunting place for away teams to visit.

How to get to the Mestalla:

Number 10 bus from the Plaza de Ayuntamiento opposite the Estacio del Nord (Northern Railway Station) or the number 80 bus from in front of the Estaciòn de Autobuses (Main Bus and coach station). Alight either bus at Avenida de Aragon. The official club website advises that a taxi from either station is also a cheap and quick alternative.



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#2 Mensajepor Rul_78 » 21 Mar 2006 17:43

Long Life to Valencia C.F. !!!
Forgive, sounds good. Forget, I’m not sure I could. They say time heals everything, but I’m still waiting...
- Natalie Maines (2006) -



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#3 Mensajepor Ferran » 21 Mar 2006 20:17

Valencia is 87 years old, it was founded on March 18th of 1919. His birthday was last saturday. :o

Benitez was a great coach for the team, he got a nice job, but Rafa also took the work done in the same team by other coaches like Ranieri and Cuper. I think he never had a good reason to leave Valencia, and if Benitez had continued trainning Valencia, the team probarbly would have continued winning more cups. It's certain Benitez continued his succesfull life in Liverpool winning the Champions League against Milan, but if he hadn't left Valencia at the end of the season 03/04, would have valencia won the same cup? That season played by Liverpool was excellent, they played a great competition eliminating good teams like Juventus, but the team hadn't spectacular players, anybody thought Liverpool will be champion playing in the same competition with the best teams like Juventus, Milan, Bayern, Chelsea, Arsenal, Valencia, Barcelona or Madrid, they hadn't the same level than these teams. I think if he got his successes in a team like Liverpool, he would continue winning more cups in Valencia with a team which has more good players than Liverpool and with a team which know all their secrets and players.

But Benitez wanted more direction for buy and sell the players of his team, Liverpool gave it, and it seems Rafa isn't doing a good job, some players bought by Benitez aren't needed for the team, and he isn't doing a compact team.

I hope Valencia will follow the same success after Benitez left Valencia with the job of Quique Sanchez Flores. Although the team played bad in last matches, I'm sure the team will return to dispute all titles and the game will be better next season.

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#4 Mensajepor Dani_ZG » 22 Mar 2006 22:52

Very nice! =D>
Amunt Valencia y Dinamo Zagreb



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