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Canales trades in his white shorts for black.

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Canales trades in his white shorts for black.

#1 Mensajepor hoser » 05 Ago 2011 20:06

Sergio Canales pondering his future at Valencia:


Good move? Bad move? Lateral move?

I think it is a two year loan, with a buyout option, though I'm unsure.

I like the move. Unsure what this means for Feghouli, though essentially the more talent Valencia has, the better. Beggars can't be choosers etc. Keep in mind that Valencia wanted to sign him before he signed with that soulless footballing apparatus in Madrid, so there may be a chance he stays.

Link to a cbc article.

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Re: Canales trades in his white shorts for black.

#2 Mensajepor Drakul » 06 Ago 2011 11:56

I hate it! I mean Valencia became a smaller team because of the money... ok, but we are not Getafe to get players on loan.

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