El sentiment d'una afició, el teu fòrum d'opinió sobre el València CF

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#1 Mensajepor greenhorn » 16 Sep 2010 23:40

Hey there!

In a German Valencia forum we are currently discussing on Valencia selling shares with me trying to make sense of the tiny bits of information I found on the internet (in Spanish, of course).

Well, I have to admit that, for me, things don't make much sense wow.

So now I'm totally confused and managed to confuse the other members, too .confundido

I hope there's someone here who can explain the situation for me.

We were talking about the following post:
En Radio Marca Valencia han dicho que a partir de Octubre la fundación venderá acciones a través de un resquicio legal para evitar la CNMV.

Solo he encontrado esta noticia de Julio relacionada: ... 00702.html

What do they want to avoid?
What illegal things did they do during the emmission of the new shares?

There are so many facts and figures in my head I can hardly concentrate on what I wanted to ask...
Maybe I'll remember my other questions tomorrow.

btw, I do understand a little Spanish but when it comes to stock markets and stuff things are too complicated for me, I guess...

Thanks in advance
greenhorn, who just started school again after 6 weeks of summer vacations that didn't do any good to her English skills .confundido

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Re: Shares???

#2 Mensajepor Drakul » 17 Sep 2010 09:55

Don't be afraid, it's not that you can't understand Spanish well enough, I'm Spanish, I studied Spanish law and I don't understand it either.

This is the situation: Valencia is doing something forbidden like it is to hold their own shares. They used a trick, Valencia don't have the shares, the shares belong to Valencia foundation, but Valencia is paying the credit to buy them. Now they are trying to look for the best moment to sell them. Why not now? I don't know. Why didn't they accept some offers they had? I don't know.

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