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Birth of the motorcycling team ‘VALENCIA CF – HONDA SAG Team

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Birth of the motorcycling team ‘VALENCIA CF – HONDA SAG Team

#1 Mensajepor rubenche » 31 Mar 2009 16:00

The Club extends and exports its image around the world giving name to the team of Valencian pilot Héctor Faubel

Valencia Club de Fútbol is more than a sportive body. It is a feeling, whose name is stuck to its 90-year-old shield and it is well-known by its supporters and also by the rest of football fans in Europe and all over the world. The Club values are associated to competition, effort, overcoming and triumph thanks to the team’s spirit and the passion of its thousands of supporters. In short, to all the virtues that makes Valencia CF one of the biggest sportive bodies in the world.

With the aim of its brand’s expansion and conserving the increasing number of supporters, the Club keeps on going through a proud way to be present in the best and more outstanding sportive and social events that allow the Club to go into the internationalization strategy in depth, something that Valencia CF started some time ago. In that way, Valencia CF is proud of announcing the birth of VCF MOTOR – a new actions program linked to others recently announced such as VCF EVENTS or VCF TRAINING. Valencia CF is now associated with the team of Valencian and Valencia CF supporter Héctor Faubel, one of the best pilots in the 250 cc category of the Motorcycling World Championship. From the beginning of the 2009 season, the team will be named VALENCIA CF – HONDA SAG Team , which is a historic fact. This team is created for winning the title of the 250 cc category and it will allow the Club to extend and to export our image throughout the world in a new communication’s style, unique in this world.

VALENCIA CF – HONDA SAG Team belongs now to the motorcycling world in triumph with one of our best know supporters whose media repercussion is superlative, as well as his supporters. And not only in Spain, where three Grand Prix are held and many people are fan of this sport, but also in the five continents. The fact is that this World Championship travels all over the world during the season, visiting Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Great Britain, Germany and many other strategically important countries in the world.

This way, the image of the Club, its name, its shield and its history will be present in all the equipment of the pilot, from the motorbike to the helmet. Thanks to this initiative, the Club explores a new way, an extra way of socioeconomic growth, creating another value for the fans, members, sponsors and collaborators of Valencia CF. Besides, Héctor Faubel will take part in different formal events and acts planned by Valencia CF. He will also make use of the Sports City facilities, which are specialised in professional and elite sportsmen, to prepare himself for the competition, as well as many other activities planned for the birth of this association. These will be revealed in its official announcement on Thursday, April 2 nd, at 1:00 pm at the Sports City of Paterna facilities.

This is the birth of VALENCIA CF – HONDA SAG Team . It is more than a team, more than a brand. The bat of the shield will be present on a motorbike of the World Championship. The sport of Valencia is now more than a sport, it is a feeling, it is Valencia CF.

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Re: Birth of the motorcycling team ‘VALENCIA CF – HONDA SAG Team

#2 Mensajepor Rafael » 01 Abr 2009 04:29

Generally speaking, it's a good deal. But when you think the situation of the club, you will know: what a big joke! A club has debt more than 600M and doesn't pay their staff almost 2 months, it still became the sponsor of a MotoGP team. confused.
Pep Claramunt:" how can a child from Valencia represent his land better than by representing the colours of Valencia?"


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