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Sentimentche association

Forum for English-speaking visitors
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Sentimentche association

#1 Mensajepor Drakul » 15 Ene 2009 21:12

I'd like to inform you about this point. Last months, we've been working hard to convert sentimentche in an association. Today I can confirm we finally are. Why? The reason is logical: We'd like to assure sentimentche's future. We think we created a nice place in internet to talk about Valencia c.f. and we want it for a longer time than us. It can't relay just in our capacity of paying server or in our ideas. We want to go further. We want to create a real group of people who will chose the directive board of the associacion, and they will decide about the forum's day to day work.

In addition, being an association will allow us to get some money. Coming soon, you will be able to buy sentimentche products in this webpage, we will make lotery for Chrismas and i don't know... we will thing about more ideas for sentimentche to continue being free and without disturbing adverts.

I wanted to tell you this for you to know that. Sentimentche doesn't belong to any person as other forums do. Our aim is not to get money. The money we'll get in the next future will be for the association and it will pay the server.

Nothing will change for the forum.


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Re: Sentimentche association

#2 Mensajepor Dzidek » 16 Ene 2009 16:16

Sentimentche is one of few places where fans can discuss about Valencia in english (maybe i don't visit it so frequently, mainly because we have a polish site) and it is a reliable source of information. So, many thanks for what you're doing, we really appreciate your efforts. alabar2.

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Re: Sentimentche association

#3 Mensajepor hoser » 21 Ene 2009 00:21

Thanks for all the good work the people administering this site do on a daily basis, it is greatly appreciated. alabar2.

Hope that the association status allows sentimentche to grow, prosper and broaden its reach.

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