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Watching Valencia at the Mestalla....

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Watching Valencia at the Mestalla....

#1 Mensajepor hoser » 18 Sep 2006 11:56

I am in the very early stages of planning a trip to Valencia in maybe early March to watch a match at the Mestalla. I'd like to see at least one match at the Mestalla before they tear it down. I've targeted the Celta Vigo match, and I wonder what exactly is the ticketing policy? I've avoided either Barca or Real Madrid as I imagine tickets may be difficult to come by. Also, would tickets be hard to get if I arrive a day or two before the match is to be played? Can tickets be ordered in advance?

I know, many questions, but I'd appreciate any and all information and help on how to get tickets for a match.

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#2 Mensajepor abraxas » 18 Sep 2006 12:23

Valencia-Celta is scheduled on 4/3/07.

On Saint Joseph's Day (19th March), here in Valencia we celebrate the fallas, a Valencian tradition in wich each neighbourhood of the city organize parties, dinners and the most important, the construction of a falla, a wooden monument which is eventually burnt.

So, IMHO, better to attend the Valencia-Racing Santander on 18/3/07. Thus you can combine football and the fallas festival.

Sold-outs at Mestalla are traditionally only the games against Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is possible always to buy tickets for all other matches. The only problem is that if you buy last-minute tickets, you may not get good places.

Of course, I can buy the tickets for you. Just let me know your preferences. :wink:

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#3 Mensajepor Ferran » 18 Sep 2006 19:35

Abraxas has told you a good advice. If you're planning travel to Valencia about those dates, it's better to travel on "fallas" week. You'll enjoy it much visiting the city with all of his acts in that week like fireworks, mascletas and many more things... The problem is that you must get a reserve in a hotel because many tourits came to the city during the week and it's difficult to find a bedroom in a hotel. Futhermore, there is not best thing like enjoying a vcf's win against Racing :?:

Tickets are not a problem if you're going to come to Valencia, someone can buy tickets.

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#4 Mensajepor Dani_ZG » 19 Sep 2006 16:01

St. Joseph day. I rememberd one great match, Valencia-Arsenal in CL few years ago, we won it 2-1and we gone to quarter final, the atmosphere was amazing, Carew scored twice, that were great moments...I hope that you and players will repeat it against Celta
Amunt Valencia y Dinamo Zagreb



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#5 Mensajepor Drakul » 19 Sep 2006 16:27

Another option could be to get in touch with dundee bats. Last year they came from Scotland to see Valencia-Barcelona, and I got the tickets for them.

Anyway if we can help you, just say it and we will.

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#6 Mensajepor hoser » 19 Sep 2006 19:01

Many thanks for the advice!

I completely forgot about the Fallas celebration, so it makes better sense to go then. Though, I'll probably have to book a hotel or hostel much in advance. This seems like a better date to go.

I discounted Valencia - Barcelona because I thought tickets would be hard to come by. Besides, I'm not certain that I could get to Valencia in mid-February.


#7 Mensajepor avlfutbol » 26 Sep 2006 20:12

Like obligatory hoser, I will also be traveling to the Mestalla to hopefully see a match. I will be arriving in Valencia on November 22nd to watch the Valencia-Olympiacos match and have no idea on how to get tickets besides going to the stadium. Do you think since it is a Champions League match, it will be too late to get a ticket the morning of the match? Is there another way to get a ticket besides buying from a scalper?

Thanks for any help.

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#8 Mensajepor hoser » 30 Ene 2007 16:45


Right now, I don' t think the Santander match plus Fallas is an option. Instead, I think either the match against Espanyol or Sevilla is looking more likely. I imagine that tickets for Sevilla may be a bit more expensive, as Valencia seems to charge a premium for better teams.

I'll try and catch Fallas next year, or at least I hope I will.

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#9 Mensajepor s21roufs » 07 Feb 2007 19:15

Hola Valencianos/Valencianas..

I'm a great supporter of Valencia C.F. Il love the City,People averything that has done with Valencia.
Last august i was on vacation in Valencia and this year i come on febrero 15.
i have a question ,i would very very like to come to Valencia-Barcelona
on febrero 18..
but i think the tickets sold out when we are in Valencia.
Can anybody help me please?
I'm a very big Valencianista!!!

Greets and i would love to hear from you..
Steef Roufs
The Netherlands
I love Everything that's has to do with Valencia.. Valencia es mi Amor

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