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Nothing to do with football

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Re: Nothing to do with football

#181 Mensajepor hoser » 08 Jun 2010 10:22

Yes, welcome back Florence. The upcoming season should be an interesting one, so the more people contributing the better.

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Re: Nothing to do with football

#182 Mensajepor Florence » 24 Jun 2010 19:58

Forgive my lateness, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Senti~! Every year is a step forward, the coming one is more worthy to expect. Amunt:)

These days all spotlights are focusing on the World Cup, Espana is my supporting one, to be honest I'm disappointed in Del Bosque's weak-minded coaching, as well as the lazy attitude of the whole team, hopefully the statues is still growing, and all my wishes in the game against Chile, in which we must win. So happy to see Mata's debut and Villa's amazing goals!

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